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Help? [With Downloading]

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Guest ShadowSS

I recently tried to download the BG1 NPC PROJECT, without first downloading the 'Tutu mod?' As soon as I realised what I'd done wrong, I deleted the BG1 NPC PROJECT, downloaded the 'Tutu mod' and downloaded BG1 NPC PROJECT again but it now tell's me it's in the wrong folder? I'm not sure what to do now? Any help would be appreciated.

Does the BG1 NPC PROJECT work without the 'Tutu mod?'


And also, how do I know if they have successfully downloaded or not? [Yes, I don't download things often... :) ]


+ Oh, and yes I have BG1 installed, as well as BG2 [no ToB though, as I havn't got around to reinstalling it yet.] +

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1) Go to http://usoutpost31.com/easytutu/ , read everything very carefully, and proceed with downloading and installing EasyTutu - it's a simpler version of Tutu for English language users.


If, after reading, you still have questions like "Where is the download link?" please, read it again: it's very, very detailed there.


2) But if you still have questions about it, post here:



3) Unpack your BG1 NPC Project into the folder where EasyTutu is installed. It should start installing automatically.


If not, and you're experiencing troubles, run Setup-BG1NPC.exe in your EasyTutu directory. If it still refuses to install, delete weidu.lock from your EasyTutu directory.

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