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Project information - A hobby mod for Neverwinter Nights 2, that adds romantic dialogues to an existing character (Bishop).


Audition deadline - The deadline is flexible, but I will prefer to recieve your auditions before November 1, 2007.


Recording and Contact information -


-Record in 44100hz 32-float-bit Mono WAV or MP3

-Save the lines as khelgar_0001 and casavir_0001, 02 respectively

-Send your recordings along with the info for credits to domi_sotto@gibberlings3.net




Khelgar is a dwarven dwarf, and you need to match this voice as closely as possible:





The line is (good-natured mocking):


khelgar_0001 You need any more? I'm reckoning you can't handle even one!


Casavir is a noble paladin, and you need to match this voice as closely as possible:





The lines are (there could be 3 more):


1234_br_casavir_0001I understand only too well your feelings. I should have waited, but I could not. I think... I hope that this will strengthen both of our spirits.

1234_br_casavir_0002There were times when expressing love came easily to me. I am more guarded now. Too guarded perhaps. There will be time for proper courtship yet, but do not mistake the nature and strength of my feelings for you.

1234_br_casavir_0003I am certainly happy that you did. I didn't ask you here in the hopes of a brief diversion. I wished to tell you that I loved you.

1234_br_casavir_0004You betrayed her in every way a man can betray a woman. I'll make you answer for it.

1234_br_casavir_0005The rivalry doesn't fuel my feelings the way it fuels yours.

1234_br_casavir_0006My lady! You've already made the mistake of trusting this rogue once.

1234_br_casavir_0007I hope you see him now for the craven he is, not as a tragic soul.

1234_br_casavir_0008His one good deed. Let it earn him peace.


List of received auditions:


None so far

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