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Question about Kivan and Deheriana

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A quick question about this mod, which I am eager to try.


If the PC is a "healing" class, then the mod can have a "happy" ending. But what if the PC does not want Deheriana to be resurrected? Is there this choice? And if the PC chooses against Kivan's wishes, will he leave the party?


If he doesn't leave the party, does he simply become silent, or is the "no-Deheriana" path still developed (although it would understandable that he would be incensed at the PC).


It would be great if someone could answer these questions with the fewest spoilers possible :) Thanks.

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PC can chose a few things when the question of Deheriana ressurection comes up with Demin. If you chose to ask Kivan to stay with you, but not bring Deheriana back, he theoretically should leave in the very end of SoA. This issue was glitching for as long as the mod existed, and one day I will make it fool-proof, but this day didn't come yet. So he'll most probably stay through the ToB even without Deheriana, though his talks in ToB will not reflect it. There is no specific Kivan without Deheriana or Kivan romancing female PC path through ToB and I do not plan to make one; I want him to die in the end of SoA unless there is a romance/Deheriana is ressurected and restored.

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