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Question about romance cheats

Guest kyosuke

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Guest kyosuke

Hi I just recently discovered the tweaks pack and downloaded it.

I installed the no racial restrictions and multiple romances cheats from the pack.

And I am wondering if the multiple romances cheat will work with existing games where I already got in love with Viconia.

I also have to Tashia mod on too.

So I am also wondering if the multiple romances cheat will also work with Tashia romance.


Thanks for the tweak pack! :(

Sure made my life better without having to hear "GATHER YOUR PARTY" voice.

And the un-nerfing of tables.

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I believe that the multi-romance patch won't reawaken romances that have been cut off (so if you had Aerie or Jaheira in the party and killed their romance through Viconia's). If I recall rightly, they can be restarted, just by resetting the appropriate variable to 1.


I don't know if the scripts would work on Tashia at all though. Her romance might be permanently shut off unless you could add her variable to the tweak somewhere, but someone else should be able to confirm that.

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Tweaks scripts only affect Bioware Four: Aerie, Anomen, Jaheira, Viconia. They don't touch mod characters.


Be aware that nearly all NPC mods(Saerileth, Fade, Kelsey, etc.) and NPC Flirt Pack are not compatible with multiromance hacks. (Kivan and Xan should be; Tashia is certainly not.) Your NPCs will stutter if you try it.

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Taisha will attempt to shut down Romance content if you don't multi-romance tweak, and will (as kulyok just said) have some troubles ingame if you do - unless you go in and edit her files to remove the shutdowns and manually smooth out all the rough edges. This involves a good bit of manual tweaking, as she has several areas where she can run into problems code-wise with the necessary tweaks... So the short answer is "no. Choose Taisha, 'cause she is cooler than the others."

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