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high level ranger spells with zyraen's tweaks and DR


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i have divine remix and zyraen's miscellany installed with zyraen's mod coming after DR.


zyraen's mod gives my ranger priest spells uptill level seven. however, there are very few spells in the ranger's spellbook (e.g. only one spell in level four and *none* in level seven at all.).


without DR, and with zyraen's mod installed the ranger gets lots of spells at all levels.


is there anyway i can tweak DR before installing, or do some 2da editing after installing which would give the ranger spells at all levels?



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anybody? any help?


Rangers have the following major spheres in DR: all, animal, healing, plant, and weather.


Spells with those spheres should be found in their spell book. Also, they shouldn't have any spell with the [evil] descriptor if they appear on the list.



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thanks for ur assistance starcrunch. what do u mean by "evil descriptor"? is it indicated anywhere in the spell description that it is evil only?


i actually had an idea about what spheres the rangers should get, and can add the corresponding spells via shadowkeeper to his spellbook. however, that wouldnt be as cool as tweaking tp2 or 2da.. right? :(

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It should be in the spell description (well to be honest I can't be sure if it is or not). Animate Undead is evil. Unholy Blight and Unholy Word are also evil. To be honest I doubt there are any implemented spells in those spheres that are evil, I only wrote that just in case there are.



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