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displaying a corpse...?

Guest korean

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In irenicus dungeon, we can see many corpses in the area.

i'v tried to search to find out how to display corpse with moding tools but i don't know yet. i think *.are files don't have the data about it.


please, let me know what i should do to know to display and erase corpse in an area.

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If you're looking at static corpses, like the shreds that were once Khalid or the bodies in the Unseeing Eye quest, those are just part of the scenery. They're part of the bmp that makes up the area. If you wanted to create a corpse like the bodies of Renfeld, Aerie, Jaheira, Viconia, Anomen, or the ones you retrieve from the sewers in Baldur's Gate, they are items.

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If you want to have a corpse that can't be carried away: Take a creature file (.cre), and tag the flag "STATE_DEAD". This will give you a dead corpse, of any creature file. Have a look at the ingame ones with NI, for example: "DEADB01.cre" would be a dead human body, but there is also "DEADBEH1.cre", a dead beholder, or "DEADCOW1"... Whatever they are used for.

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Hmm. I got a sudden urge to whip up a Summon Dead Cow spell. For use in the living rooms of Less Favored Arrogant Nobles. Summon Dead Carrion Crawler for repeat offenses.



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thanks for all replies.


i looked into irenicus dungeon area files, but there are no corpses bmp or animatioin on that map.bmp and no using dead-state creatures except a skeleton in a cage.


above will be helpful to me but i want know what way is used to that map, too.



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