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Hey! First off, madly wonderful project. I loved all the PCs I had, and I romanced Riz, which was fantastically fun. Here's the thing... I just finished the game, and I read a thread a few pages back that comments about the epilogues. However, I didn't get an epilogue. Were they removed, or did my game mess up somehow? I know it failed to save right after the final battle in a very odd way, but...


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Errm. That's the thing--There are two saves right after I defeat the end boss. One happens immediately afterwards, and that one refuses to work. Every time it gets to that point my game minimizes and comes up with a little menu that says something like "game failed to save. Quit game?" If I say no and go back to the game and leave the SH, then it autosaves and the original ending animation and credits roll. I've tried it three times now, and get the same problem every time.

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Yes, the Autosave I've got from you is the one that leads into the credits.


Try the following. Load the Autosave that reuses to save (Leaving Severed Hand), pause and set these two globals via Clua (or via ShadowKeeper) in this order:




and then:




That should 'push' the final cutscene. You do not need to exit, it should activate on its own (give it a few seconds). If it doesn't, just send that bugged save to me, I will take a look.

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I also ran into the 'game failed to save' box, but was still able to veiw the epilogues; possibly a common bug...?


And I second the tissues if your going for the Jaemal romance.... *sniff*

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It can be a problem because of the state your party is in, ie someone is dead or maybe spells active. I might delete the Autosave there, as it was more of my testing feature (ie I was not interested in replaying the final battle every time I wanted to test the epilogues) than a 'playing' feature.

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