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erm, question?

Guest ashiya

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Uhm, first time posting here... *nervous nervous*

I discovered the mod about a month ago and I've been playing throught the first chapter, and I gotta say I love it! ;) BUT-... You see... I noticed that npcs' dialogues appear after some hours of rest, and while I was reaching the end of the first chapter, through the fortress, the dialogues suddenly... stopped. I was trying to romance Rizdaer, and told Jaemal to leave me alone (that hurt so much :p ) and then I would rest and no more dialogue. What I want to know is: is that just how it goes? Is it normal? (Like, did I reach the last dialogue for the chapter?) Or something went wrong with my game?

I don't have a clue how to read dialogues out of the game, so I can't look to see if I missed something. Can anyone give me an answer please? :( Thanks in advance and thank you so much for making this mod, it just rocks!! (and hey I might post some fanart)

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Hey Ashiya, no need to be nervous we don't bite :(


To answer your question, there are set numbers of dialogs between the PC and a NPC per chapter and time/area. You will also notice the various tone differences to when you talk in *private* and just talk to the said NPC.


During the first chapter you would notice that you can only talk to them so often before they say something like as Jaemal would say:


"<Player> I hope you understand my need for privacy sometimes"... etc, etc.


When they say such things, its perfectly normal, when you move on to different areas or a different part of the chapter (ie: after Targos palaside attack) a NPC might have something new to say, including if some conditions are met, such as walking into the warded room of the Targos inn, Jaemal would then interject about it, and so on, that can trigger Salomeya to say something as well about the romance brewing between the PC and Jaemal, etc.


Just exhaust the P button of its options (except flirts and the keep to self, or the look around option which can trigger banters between NPCs and NPC-PC ones too, whenever you don't have the patience to wait.) and when they all run out of things to say, there's nothing wrong.


Each NPC has his or her own personality though, some won't be outright insulted about some issues, others will, and alignment isn't always the easiest decider on that.


Should be easy to see when you've outright insulted them, but sometimes it won't be the end of everything, just experiment that's all I can say, there's always more than one way with everything. ;)

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Solar's had summarized it pretty well. :( I actually have a neat feature that tells you if your romance is interrupted or because more serious, but at present it is bugged, so it gives you some item descriptions instead. That should be fixed in V2. Using the player-initiated dialogues to determine the status of your romance the way Solar's Harper described is quite easy though.


You really don't have to reject one man or another right away - they will have a few conflict banters and by Chapter 3 will ask you to chose; until then it will not negatively affect your romance in any way.


And I am glad you're liking the mod so far ;)

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You guys are so nice, thank you for the help! :)

And oh my God... I didn't even know about the p button :( What an idiot! :p Good thing I posted then! Thank you!!


Anyway, after I found out about that (do I feel stupid now!!), and talked a bit to Rizdaer, I finally got his next dialogue to work (the one about when he's sleeping), and the one next to that (the drow House game) in my earliest save game, where I hadn't said anything to Jaemal to leave me alone. So I decided I'll just take things from there, and see how it goes, though there doesn't seem to be much after the talk with Riz. I just thought it was weird because it seemed to happen to all my save games at one time, the dialogues wouldn't start on their own. I think everything's working now though...


What I'm trying to avoid here is going to the next chapter too soon, and missing dialogues that way that were meant for the current chapter. Is that possible?


Btw, I also got the "Jaemal's robe of elemental resistance" message that someone on the forums said should be that Rizdaer is falling in love with you. ;)


Thank you again for the help, clarified alot of things for me :D

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What I'm trying to avoid here is going to the next chapter too soon, and missing dialogues that way that were meant for the current chapter. Is that possible?


Nope. While I took inspiration from KOTOR, in allowing the player either to have the talk when timer comes up or via the menue, the sequential talks have the condition of 'equal to or greater' so the player doesn't have to worry about getting all the talks in Chapter X or the romance/friendship gets broken like you were in KOTOR. :(

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Ah, just before I forget to mention this...


You will notice at some times, like say the intro (right on the Wicked Wench) sometimes you cannot talk to people... like, Direl or Rizdaer, until certian conditions are met.


Here's two examples for them:


Direl: Will not talk to a non-elven (Moon elf is certain, don't know about Wild Elf, but Drow isn't seen as the same) PCs until later on.


And just on that note, I have tried with a Drow PC, he hasn't been the option of choices before meeting Ulbrec.


If the PC is elven kin however, he will talk to him/her for one dialog, with his whole superiority babble thrown into the mix... but that's what makes him good with character depth in my opinion. :p


Rizdaer: Will not talk to the PC until after the PC vouches or gets saddled with Rizdaer when talking with Ulbrec. Female PCs will find him adjusting into his "servant to the Mistress" role very quickly, the Male PCs will naturally, have something completely different.


The others as far to my knowledge don't disappear their names from the list until conditions are met later.

Anyways, that's about all I can think of at the moment which might confuse some players.


Not sure how credible my ramblings are, I can only say from what I have seen so far. :(


Sorry if anything I just said turns out to be inaccurate. ;)

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Hmm, you said by chapter 3 you'd have to choose. Well I'm in chapter 4 now and I can still flirt with both guys. Something wrong? Sorry to bother you guys again :)

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Heya, judging from your variables, the talk triggered, but I see that I missed setting variable on one particular option. Did you per any chance selected the


And what if I lie?


option in the:


Who are you, *what* are you to make two such different men love you?


dialogue with Jaemal, where he sulkingly said that it's his answer? If yes, that's the option I missed, so there is nothing wrong with your game, just a small bug. :) I am correcting it for the next release.

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Yes I did! I remember I was going to go through that dialogue again and answer something else, but I think I forgot. So I guess it's better to choose one so things work as they should, correct?

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If you ran far ahead from that banter, do not worry too much, just shut down one of the romances manually, via PID if this option is available, or set the globals in the game:




will stop Jaemal's romance and




will stop Rizdaer's.

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