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I need to edit some .wavc from original game, so I convert them to .wav, edit and convert back (this is in ideal, and is not achieved yet=)). I noticed that using DTLCEP and wavc.exe results in different output .wav. More precisely, DTLCEP writes 04 to the 17th byte of fmt chunk, while wavc.exe makes it 02. From what I could find, this byte means average bytes per second, but winamp plays both of them on the same speed anyway. The second difference is that wavc adds 2 extra bytes to the end of fmt chunk, padded with nulls. So - is there any specific reason for this, or it's just a glitch/feature of wavc.exe?

(BTW, if Avenger will happen to look here - IEDSP link to sound converters is no longer valid)

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IESDP is igi's stuff, i'm just a major contributor :(


About DLTCEP's sound conversion: well, i stuck with the first working version, if the difference is wrong, i can fix it, otherwise i don't think it is important.


I think the average bytes per second thingie, is a hint for preallocating buffers.

I think i double the number for stereo sound.

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I'm inclined to think it's wavc glitch, because extra bytes in ftm chunk should provide information for specific compression methods, but it's non-compressed. I unfamiliar with it, though, so sought the clarification, if any is available.

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