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Romantic Encounters - first piece of fanfiction!


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It's An Account from a Shadowmaster, by rianess.


My apologies if it's not the first one - it's the first one I read, however. :( It's always pleasant to see feedback(any feedback, really - I stand by it!), and when it's an enjoyable story, it's even better, I think. Thanks a lot.


P.S. Renal's phrase alone "If my own experience is anything to go by, you will not be disappointed" was priceless.

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In a rather large fanfiction I'm writing, all of the characters involved in this mod have/will be making some sort of appearance, though few if any of scenarios will reach the degree of completion of the previously linked works. It's not really that kind of character I am portreying, but I still wanted to tip my hat to this mod.

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