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I hate to appear even denser than I actually am, but...

Guest Rob

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I'm stuck.


Amber has been kidnapped. I've tracked her to the lair of the perpetrator of the foul deed, but I appear to be missing something obvious.


I've battled the henchmen and spoken to Lorraine, who said she'd be on hand for the showdown.


I've battled my way past more henchmen and hostile Nymphs, from whom I believe I received a "Nymph Key".


I've spoken to an Imp and made my way farther down into the lair where a locked door bars my way. Beyond this door, Lorraine awaits and, presumably Amber, too.


My problem is this - the Nymph key does not seem to be what I need here, and I have no rogue to pick the lock because I gave Yoshi the boot when I met Amber.


So, how do I get beyond this door? Am I missing something here?


Thanks in advance for any and all assistance. It is appreciated.


Wonderful mod so far. Lovely voice. Excellent, entertaining & intelligent dialog.

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I had troubles with this place, when I made Yoshimo into a fighter. I would say that you need a thief to get through the place.







I don't know if you need to kill the sorcerer, though. I did, and Lorraine left with her child's soul freed. Then I left, and Amber appeared. But I haven't tried to just enter and then leave without killing the bad guy, so I don't know if she finds you before that. My take is, you will need a thief. I tried to bash many of the locks, to no avail.


Sorry, not much help. I'm quite new to this mod myself. :(

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Thanks for your reply, Hide and Seek. That's what I feared.


Time to find out about leaving and returning. I'll go see if I can find Yoshi. Hopefully he's hanging around the Copper Coronet and hasn't yet set sail to plot my demise with You-Know-Who :( .

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