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A couple of things that probably most people know, but isn't currently documented in the IESDP


In the v1.0 SPL Extended Header


0x0004 8 (resref) Memorised Icon


The .bam filename referenced by this line needs to in in "B" in order to show up properly in BG2: ToB (patched).


I'd guess (but haven't tested) that in the v1.0 SPL header


0x003a 8 (resref) SpellBook Icon

The .bam filename referenced by the above line needs to end in "C" in order to show up properly in BG2: ToB (patched).




I discovered this, when attempting to get the Memorized Icon to show up properly when selecting HLAs at level up.


It also appears that the BAM files should be 32x32, though values slighly less seem to work as well.

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I don't believe the replacement is automatic. For example, one of my custom HLAs CA#SCM.spl initially referenced CA#SCM.bam for the Memorised Icon. In the game, the Memorised Icon did not show up on the HLA table (the square where it was supposed to be was blank, but selectable and the spell description was displayed when clicked on). Changing CA#SCM.spl to reference CA#SCMB.bam and renaming CA#SCM.bam to CA#SCMB.bam fixed the problem.



The resref doesn't need to end with B or C, but the engine will replace the last letter with B or C.

This was mentioned earlier.


Where would I find this information in the IESDP? I looked under both the .BAM and .SPL file entries and didn't see anything listed there about this.

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