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SHS: Website Goes Live


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Spellhold Studios


The new, improved face of Spellhold Studios has been unveiled! Developed by SConrad and khayman, it has numerous improvements over the old design, including sections for each of the three main games we host content for (Infinity Engine games, Neverwinter Nights and Oblivion), information on other games and more.


Another new addition at SHS is the new address for the forums; they have now moved to SHSForums.net! ;) We hope you find this as convenient as we do - besides being easier to type, it also comes with a number of other benefits all round! Please update your bookmarks! :(


We have also decided to set up donations through PayPal. Find more information about that here. Please post comments regarding this in the appropriate comment thread.


We hope you all enjoy the improved website and new forum address, and if you have any suggestions, comments or observations, we would love to hear them!


You can discuss the new look of SHS and forum move here. :p

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