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Error with wand18.itm


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i get the following error:


ERROR: illegal 1-byte write () offset 325 of 322-byte file wand18.itm

ERROR: [wand18.itm] -> [override] Patching Failed (COPY) (Failure("wand18.itm: write out of bounds"))


for conv. here is a list of mods are installed prior to scs2 and have wand18.itm in their backup folders:



bg2tweaks - backup\2140, backup\2170 (this folder also contains a "override.wand18.itm" file)


the list is in order of installation as well.


for now i just cut that file out of override and continued the install. now i cant paste the old file back as scs2 also put the file into override. however, i would like to have whatever features the original had + what scs2 put too.


any ideas? thanks.

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I had the same problem today. The file wand18.itm from Arcane-Divine Spell Pack v1.1 is faultily. I made a fix for this file and it works, but I'm not sure, whether I did it the right way as intended.

Sorry, I cannot attach it here.

great! could you please email it to me at: amit_lath<at>yahoo<dot>com


i would appreciate if maybe you could describe the fix for the benefit of the forum. does adpack have any forum of its own?



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i thought i'll update with the current status of this issue. and thanks leonardo for sending in his version of wand18.itm by email.


i compared three versions of this file. the original unmodded one, the one modded by the adpack mod and the one modded by scs2 mod.


with my limited understanding, it looked like the adpack code was just ensuring that their version of breach and pierce magic was being used by the wand too for consistency. while the scs2 code seems to be removing the individual spells from the wand and instead applying the effects directly.


ultimately, i decided that the scs2 version was good enough for me as i am choosing not to install the adpack version of these spells anyway. for those who want both, somebody better at this might be able to help you out.


leonardo: i think that both abilities should be in the itm as they are for breach and pierce magic respectively.

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Having had a quick look: the unmodded version of wand18 applies the effects directly. SCSII assumes the wand still works this way, and modifies it accordingly. I assume ADpack changes Breach/Pierce Magic and, for convenience, gets the wand to cast the spells rather than changing the direct effects. So when SCSII comes along, it tries to modify the file based on false assumptions about it.


I'll see about compatibility in a future version, though as I'm unfamiliar with ADPack, I've no idea if it's viable.

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