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SHS: BGT-WeiDU version 1.05a released!


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Spellhold Studios


Baldur's Gate Trilogy-WeiDU v1.05a has been released! You can get it from the usual places (list of download mirrors) when it is uploaded to the servers. Check the SHS mirror for first availability.


Among bugfixes and a few gameplay changes, this version introduces a Simplified Chinese translation and the option of auto-installation, which simplifies large mega-modification installs.

You might also notice a few changes to the installation process, in that the final DOS portion of the installation runs straight after the WeiDU portion without having to press a key, a complete installation of BG:TotSC is verified in the BG:TotSC installation directory specified, and installation of music for BGT-WeiDU has been separated from the installation of a custom GUI for BGT-WeiDU, both of which are optional.


Finally, due to these and other changes in this release, you must start a new game. Continuation of saved games from older versions of BGT-WeiDU may result in crashes-to-desktop or game-breaking bugs.


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