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The BG1 Dynaheir romance is thoroughly enjoyable. I wish I could bring her with me to BG2! I can't find any plans for a BG2 Dynaheir mod anywhere on the web. I guess I'll have to write it myself. But then it won't be as fun playing through it =(.

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This idea is brought up once in a while, you might find a thread or two about it in thid subforum. There are a couple things to tackle, such as the whole bunch of Minsc's dialogues and the in-game dialogues that mention Dynaheir' death. Other than that and diluting the love-story in BG1 there is no reason not to make Dynaheir for BG2 mod.

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Well said! Dynaheir would be a welcome addition to the team with or without romance. Of course, Minsc would have to stop all his grieving about Dynaheir, and no choicing a new witch. If you decide to create such a NPC, then you have my best wishes. :(


(and if you should happen to continue further and create Khalid as well, no complaints here. The Drama King in me have always wanted to develop a romance with Jaheira with him alive.)

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I vote for Dynaheir! Good single mage is very welcome in BG2 for good party I believe.


I would also vote for Dynaheir.


As an aside ... I'm still waiting for someone to do a Mazzy romance. I know one was started but it looks dead.

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