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BG1tutu Romance?

meat axe

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Well, I've been away from the BG universe for a long while now, and I have a craving to come back and play some of the mods that are available. There are a lot of exciting BG2 mods that I would like to play that I've never had the chance before.


However, me being the perfectionist that I am, I have to play the entire series if I play it at all. But there just doesn't seem to be many mods for BG1. Don't get me wrong, the ones that are out there are fantastic, but I'm looking for more.


What I really want is a romance for BG1. I've played the NPC project, and it was very good, but it's not really what I'm looking for this time around. So if anyone knows some other NPC projects, whether they be modifying existing NPCs or adding new ones, that adds some form of romance, could you please let me know? Cheers.


By the way, preferably the romantic interest should be female. I don't mind which gender my character is, so it doesn't really matter what sexual preference the female NPC has.

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Unfortunately, there's no romanceable female NPCs for Tutu outside of the BG1NPC project. There are three potential romances there though. You could also try Finch and Indira - I don't think either is romanceable (Finch is fun though... haven't really gotten around to Indira yet). Links should be in the mod list in my sig.

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Yeah, I've played a bit with Finch. I did her quest. I did want to try Indira as well, but never really made room in my party for her.


And yeah, the NPC project is good. I played through the Dynaheir romance, and at least part of the Branwen one (I can't remember if I finished it or not). I would go through the others, but I'm not really interested in romancing evil characters (Viconia being the exception, but she doesn't count because you get the chance to redeem her), since I always play as a good character. I would love the chance to play an evil character and have an evil romance, but there's just not enough evil options in the game to take that path (I'm interested in the Mod for the Wicked for BG2, but development on that seems to have slowed down, and also I'd want something for BG1 as well).

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there's just not enough evil options in the game to take that path
Sure there are. You just have to find them (or make them :().

Hahahah yeah, there is always that option. But short of simply killing everyone, and turning down all quests in the most horrible way possible, there aren't many ways to follow the evil path. What appeals to me about the Mod of the Wicked is it adds an evil alternative to the quests so that you can still accept them and get experience.


But yeah, that quest & encounters mod looks interesting.

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