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A good/lawful male PC sweetheart


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Heya, folks. I keep hearing back from the dissatisfied male PC players re the romantic options. Well, I guess I ran too far afield with the characters I liked and that came easy to me... so, folks, that found the Icewind Dale loveless for their male PC, please talk to me. For I do not want to invest more time only to find out that you didn't like the gal to start with.


So, what you have so far is:


Salomeya's barbed romance - which I take nobody likes because she is not really in love with the PC and far too self-involved.

Peony's cute romance - which I take nobody likes because she is too childish and silly.

Jaemal's misty romance - which is a niche romance, so obviously not a universal good romance option.


What I can do:


1) Add romance to Prachi. While I planned it from the start, I will tell you one thing, and you decide if you want it or not. It will not have the happily ever after ending. She will leave the PC in the end.


2) Add romance to Hildury. It will be half-orc only, paralleling Diriel's elf-only romance.


3) Add a new romanced character. What I can do a half-elven or halfling ranger or a speciality priest. While I know there could be other choices of race/class those are two I would like 'covered' as they are now lacking. Unless you are interested in a dwarven lady to romance?


So, your turn. Do you want it? What is that you want, etc.

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I'm not a guy, but I often play male PCs, and I long for a romanceable female in any game that I can respect. With Kivan and other mod NPCs, the female PCs really do have a superior selection.


So please take this commentary in the spirit it's intended, which is that of a player who wants a good-aligned female to romance, without worrying too much about player gender.


Hildury. You have no idea how much I would like to see one of the least-appreciated races brought into the spotlight. But there are two things about this that turn me off to this choice. The first is that while she is wise in her way, her intelligence is rather limited. The PC would be forever getting the upper hand over her in any discussion, and that doesn't exactly lend itself to the equality in the relationship that makes the other romances shine. The second is... well, I like half-orcs, but I'm not sure that everyone does. Some players might prefer a more physically beautiful romance interest.


Prachi. There's enough unhappiness in store for anyone who wants a good romance. Since that's how it would end, I wouldn't want it. Jaemal's romance ends in tragedy already, so the idea, while definitely true to her story, isn't as appealing as an original character might be. And I definitely see the necessity of the ending you suggest. Also, since you've already said that you were discouraged from pursuing this romance option for a number of very valid reasons, *you* might be happier just leaving it alone.


So, all things considered, I like the third option best. Halfling or half-elf ranger would be my preference.


But it looks like I'm very fond of dishing more work onto busy peoples' plates. It's your own fault, Domi, for doing such a good job with the existing IWD2 npcs!

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No, no, thank you for the reply. I think I was sounding un-necessary gender-specific. I'll tweak the first post a bit to make it a bit less off-putting :(


If you were to pick one, would it be a half-elf ranger or a halfling ranger?

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Oh, the agonies of the choice between a half-elf and a halfling ranger!


I want halflings to have more face-time. They get no respect, and it isn't fair. But the strength penalty to a halfling might make it tough to have a credible halfling ranger. But the dex bonus is sweet.


So I'd say either's fine with me.

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Well, I will probably re-use the concept I had long ago for a ranger, a Wanderer of Chaundakul, a consummate traveller. Halfling or half-elf is a tough choice, because either duplicates an existing one in some way. Ie there is a short-race thing - Peony, there is a half-elf, Salomeya. Actually, how about a Tiefling? I know we have 2 BG2 Tiefling rogues, will that be too much to add one to IWD2? I mean, I can recast Molnea/Squall as a good ranger.

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I think I'd rather keep Molnea's 'personality'/soundset for Talos :(


What I am thinking is something like this:


Possible names: Guide, Light, Wanderer, Stranger (Yes, I am departing from my usual tradition of not using a word for a name)

Alignment: Neutral Good

Possible race: Halfling, Half-Elf, Human or Tiefling

Background/Personality: Born to a merchant family in Baldur's Gate she started her carrier in the family trade, and as a part of it went afield with the caravans. Gradually, she understood that her true passion was to see new places, and she became a free-lance mercenary/traveller. She will be self-reliant, handy, but impatient and maybe short of temper with those she consider fools or homebodies. I don't think I should go with a loner stereotype for her. Her mercenary work will be the reason to deal with people, and she'll like that aspect.

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Guest Tempest

I'm liking this idea, but also liked the idea you mentioned at the beginning of a dwarven lady-not sure if there's been a dwarven woman available for romance in a DnD game before. Of the listed races, though, I'd definitely say to go halfling. Tieflings have been done enough in other games.

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Better go with a half-elf or a tiefling then. But you might still do Molnea one day, and I don't know if more than one tiefling is a good idea, so half-elf is an option. Salomeya's the only one, isn't she? She could do with the competition, in more ways than one.

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Domi, in regards to your assessment of the male romances, please don't believe that nobody likes them. Salomeya's and Peony's romances are well done, they just don't lend themselves to the sterotypical Human Male Lawful(Neutral)-Good archtype.


Salomeya works if I could play the naive youngling, but naivete doesn't work coming from a Luskan.


Peony's romance only works for me, if I decided to play a gnome caster. I'm sorry, even if you tag it to work for all races, I just can't see gnomes with anyone other than another gnome. Also, playing as a human and with her personality, it just feels to much like pedophilia (My opinion).


And I personally won't touch Jaemal's romance. I can accept Jaemal's friendship, just not his love for real-life reasons.


While I agree Hildury would have a limited romance set, I think it would also work with Male Human Fighter-types who would appreciate her strengths, and be able to look past her heritage.


I do like your concept of the Ranger, but with the background given, I think human would work best, but half-elf works. Halflings run into the same problem as gnomes, just can't see them with anything other than another halfling.

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Peony is an adult gnome with a bubbly personality. Full stop.


Anyway, I feel that it's better have no tieflings than 2 tieflings in such a small cast. Half-elf or a human is pretty much the same from the background perspective, someone in early twenties human years will work for the level of accomplishement and relatively low xp.

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