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Geomantic Sorcerer Kit

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The only known issue I know of is allowing the CLUAConsoled tome to be used on party members as well as Player1, which should show up in the next version of the mod. There are also a few polishing touches I wanted to put on the mod, but didn't have all the resources required when I first released it that should hopefully be added to the next release. However, these are small inconsequential things akin to a coat of wax on a fancy new car that no one would miss or find lacking without.


That said, I hope to have these few small changes out within a month or so if I am lucky.


If you do know of other outstanding issues not posted here or that I've missed in reading the thread, please let me know.






Oh, and if you are looking for more interesting HLAs and such for Druids, I'd recommend checking out Refinements. Several of the HLAs were lifted directly from that mod (with permission). If you don't like all the changes, it is fairly easy to omit certain class HLA table changes by commenting out sections of the .tp2.

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Ok, I've looked at the minor sequencer thing, and in my game it puts every spell that was added and originally a druid/priest spell in stacks of 2 when I cast a minor sequencer. So, for example if I can cast cure light wounds 7 times per rest, then in the minor sequencer selection there will be 3 stacks of 2 cure light wounds and 1 stack of cure light wounds. Choosing any of the stacks works as expected, its just the appearance looks a bit off. I've opened up and examined the editted spells and compared them to a vanilla spell (magic missiles, ghoul touch, blind) and I can't see any difference in the spell structure. I find this particularily odd, since cleric mages run into the same setup. I still need to test a minor sequencer with Aerie to see if it is an issue, but I can't see anything so far.


I took a look at this and couldn't figure out why it was doing it. Since it is mostly a cosmetic issue and doesn't effect the mechanics/balance/capabilities of the class I'm inclined to leave it as is unless someone wiser in the ways of the Infinity Engine comes along and explains why Sequencers go a little wonky when used by this kit.

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I'm hoping to include a portrait selection with the next release of the Geomantic Sorcerer kit, so I was hoping to ask the users to make some suggestions/offerings of portraits they like to use with the kit. This is your opportunity to get your favourite Geomantic Sorcerer mugshot to be included with the mod for others to admire your sense in artwork and good taste in portraits.


I'd like to request that the portraits follow the BG2 portrait style and artistic look, but I'm happy to consider other styles as well if there seems to be the call for it.



I have a large library of portraits that I'll be sure to choose from, but I figured people would appreciate the opportunity to make suggestions.

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Hello :-)


I have a question. The originaly "druidic sorcerer" was selectable at creation in the "druidic kits section", so why don't the geomantic sorcerer ?


And an idea for BG1 :


Gorion, too early.

Jaheira... ok she's druid, but have she a raison to form a sorcerer ?


I think of that, just for fun : why not Rufie, (surprising creature from another plane) in reward for helping albert ?


And another idea : the kit is 3th editions rules. So why the Character forced to be Neutral ?


3th rules allow LN - N - NG - CN - NB for druids....

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The original Druidic Sorcerer relied heavily on very erratic scripts to turn the Druidic Sorcerer chosen at character correction into a Sorcerer with Druid spells. The mechanism was horribly flakey and unreliable. Therefore, the most elegant method of doing this was to make it a sorcerer kit applied via dialogue in-game.


Any sort of BG1 related content has to wait for me to obtain a new copy of BG1. My old disks are unreadable, and I haven't been in one place long enough since the winter to be able to order something online for delivery and reliably get it.


While the kit does borrow several 3rd edition features and ideas, it is translated into a second edition kit. If you read the alignment restriction section, you'll see that players with NG, LN, TN, CN, NE can all obtain the kit.

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Guest bloodanddarknessfillmysoul

the spell 'summon shambler' doesnt work for me, are there certain conditions for it to work in (outside etc?)

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No, no special conditions. Could you post a weidu log. That might help me troubleshoot. Also, did you have any issues with installing the mod? Any error messages? What were the conditions where the shambler failed to be summoned? Does it work some of the time and sometimes not?

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Congrats on the new release! I noticed a typo in the Read Me. Under the Mac installation instructions, it refers to the mod as Divine Remix :)

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Caedwyr, I've had a good look through the readme for the first time and I can honestly say that I'm astonished by how good this looks. I was vaguely aware before of how the mod worked, but I'd never looked at it in any great detail.


Now that I'm preparing for my EasyTutu game, I find myself wondering if I should give this kit to my PC, or, like Six of Spades suggests, to Faldorn:


'It has since jumped out at me that Faldorn is a Geomancer: In BG1, she's standing inside a stone henge and she's upset that people have dug a giant hole into the earth in order to rip things out of it. In BG2, she never leaves her (mostly) natural cave and says that she draws her power from the earth itself. Oh yeah, definite Geomancer here.'

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