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FAQs for L1NPCs


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Miloch's edit: The latest and greatest FAQ for Level 1 NPCs is here. Please use this thread for asking new questions or commenting on the existing FAQ. To report a possible bug or suggest new functionality, please start a new thread.


For requesting addition of a new NPC, you can use this thread. Code is not necessary, but include the following data:

  • NPC name
  • NPC .cre files (separated by game, such as SoA, ToB)
  • NPC .itm files (for any special items only the NPC can use)
  • Any proficiencies required for those items (if any are weapons)
  • NPC starting .dlg file containing the first JoinParty() action
  • Any other .dlg files containing JoinParty() actions (rejoining)
  • NPC's scripting name (death variable)
  • Any special innate .spl abilities the NPC should retain regardless of class/kit change

Make sure this is a released NPC and the author has granted permission if necessary (some mods are essentially in the public domain and variants of BioWare NPCs tend to get added by default to avoid confusion, such as "I made Eldoth a barbarian with this mod but he didn't change!").

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any options to Dual Class the human races?
Well, you can certainly try, but you'll have to try quite hard and use a save to do so. As the character will join you, they'll get the experience added step at a time, you can try to pause when you have enough XP for the first level to advance to the point you wish to dual the char, dual him with the pause on, and then just wait for the rest of the XP to flood in. Of course you can't dual into a Kit etc.


PS, as this is FAQ, when is the next release coming? :thumbsup:

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I should (and did) edit the original post because the updated FAQ is actually here on the mod's project page. Mod NPCs were added a few releases ago - scroll down to "Q: What about NPCs added by mods?" to see the list. Also, see the original post for what to do to add an NPC.

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