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Is there a way for the install dialogue not to take up the whole window?


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I'm using Windows 98 SE, and WeiDU uses a DOS interface, where DOS unfortunately sucks and you can't go back up to read earlier dialogue.


Anyways, in cases where the kits list is massive (if you install custom kits), there's some kits near the top that I can't read due to the listing scrolling down to far. I had Divine Remix installed and wanted to keep Branwen as a Battleguard of Tempus, for example, but couldn't see the first 22 or so entries of the cleric list, and guessing what number Battleguard of Tempus is would be a nightmare (Why are some kits listed multiple times, anyway?).


EDIT: Actually I noticed that since I installed all the kits from Divine Remix, some of them weren't showing up, and those affected only happen to be Tempus and Shar.


To add to that, trying to allocate weapons to classes with the entire weapon list available is hopelessly annoying as well (can't see what numbers Long Sword, Short Sword, or Bastard Sword are supposed to be, for example).


Is there any way to make this life easier on Windows 98, at least?

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Ugh. There's probably not much I can do without offering a separate Win98 download with totally recoded menus having multiple entries on one line - though even in that case there may be some overflow.


Everything I list still includes the internal numbering, so if you open up kitlist.2da with NI before installing, you can jot down the number corresponding to the kit of your choice.


I'll think about this, but no promises :)

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Kits should be showing up if they're player selectable and not otherwise.


With that said, there's some new WeiDU craziness out now that I have to compensate for, to make sure that duplicated "shadow" kits don't show up as selectable. It'll be in V1 regardless.

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