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BG1:TotSC - Crashes when entering smaller buildings

Guest Rubin

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I've been playing around with this excellent mod + BG1:TotSC but I'm experiencing the same problems as some previous post about Planescape: Torment.


The game starts great, creating characters and loading stuff works, and the game successfully starts with the beginning in a big map (1360x768 in my case)! It looks marvellous!


However, as soon as I enter any building, I get a CTD without any extra messages. I think I once had a small window with something like cvisibility.cpp but I was unable to reproduce this just now.


My Baldur's gate version: 1.3.5512 English/European/Not US?


I'd love to help and make this work, so if you need some additional info, or a copy of my BGMain2.exe, please let me know! I'll be Happy to help.


Kind regards,



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Can you people stop reporting the same problem over and over?


After this post I read about known issues and CTDs here:




It was to me not directly apparent that this was the place to go to; I did not

see another topic relating the small building CTD to BG1, hence the post.


Maybe a wiki would be a cool idea? We could make a dedicated page per game

detailing known issues and for example various md5/sha1 sums for known .exe's.

I suspect this would drastically reduce the amount of duplicate reports here.


Keep up the great work.

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I see you have a wiki already, however no article about the widescreen mod yet; is that intentional (maybe the wiki here is meant for other development related stuff)?


What about a page there detailing the latest version, known issues and known working/not working game versions? I'd love to work on it if you think this would be a good idea.



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