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Possible BG1 NPC/SCS minor collision


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Hello, DavidW!


If I am not mistaken, BG1 NPC introduces a nice small encounter just in AR6900 (FW2900 for TuTu).


In one of my former playtest before the release of SCS v7 (I had the BGT version of SCS then), I am pretty confident about the enemies'd remain neutral untill after the captain had spoken and then they'd turn hostile. (UPDATE: Now that I think about it, it might be possible that they turned hostile because I used Detect Evil in that area - see other post for more details about this bug)


Now instead, the soldiers attack on sight without waiting for the speech of their leader.


Can this be due to SCS?



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I will take a look as soon as possible - it is very possible that I forgot to assign custom AI scripts to these guys, and they are reacting to wahtever turns Neutrals red (they are scripted neutral and then turned enemy not through script, but controlled through X#KABAND.cre ActionOverride).


The only reason for this is to allow the dialogue to play. The Bandit Captain is set to respond when seen, with an SDNS to kick off the dialogue. This was to stop players from walking up to the center, getting organized, and then talking to the Captain.


If DavidW has the time sometime this fall/winter, I would really enjoy giving these guys real honest-to goodness AI scripts, to compensate for my ham-handed C_E usage - it would help keeping them separate from the standard _BANDIT script.

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