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Amber Romance


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Ok for some reason amber rejected me...I am a human kensai imported from bg1 tutu. My stats are 19str 19dex 19con 19 int 14wis 12chr. I am wearing the ring of human influence right now but since I have 12 base chr I didn't think that would matter. I have not changed my base stats since the start of the game. I just got to "friends or something more conversation" I did everything right but she said "Whoa Zerus!". I was romancing Saerilith for a little while for a laugh but I killed the romance awhile ago.

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Guest N3rull

On the romance thing.


I'm running a SoA party of 5 characters:

Sevarg, my main, Ranger(Archer), Neutral Good, inappropriate for Amber due to 11 intel.

Antavaer, created as the second PC in a multiplayer game moved later from 'mpsave' to 'save' folder for single-player play. He is a Sorcerer, Neut. Good, 18 INT/WIS/CHA + sucky physical traits.

< NPCS were changing over the game but currently they are: >

Saerileth (not her again huh?) who is currently romancing my main, Sevarg.

Aerie who also seems to be romancing with Sevarg (wth?).

Amber. As I recently joined Amber, "introduced" her to Antavaer.

I only completed her bracelet quest so far.


The Concern:

Amber typically engages random conversations with Antavaer. The chats that I can initiate with Amber as Antavaer, however, are quite... non-romantic. I have four options:

1) leave her alone

2) Tell me about yourself

- whats your story? (she tells the story about the promenade, then when I thank her she says she did not enjoy it that much "but whatever keeps you entertained")

- never mind

3) I'd like to tell you sumthin

- never mind

- i like your company (she answers that Antavaer aint a bad companion himself)

4)How do you feel, Amber

- she only answers "fine, I guess"


The Question(z):

Did something go awry and Amber is not romancing Antavaer and in which case - what should I do?

Or is it just standard for her that the romance starts slowly? I may just be a little too anxious because of the Saerileth's love-at-first-sight mode.

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I have problem, i have installed multiromance from Easy-of-use and I try romance with Vicki and Amber. I forgot that my hero doesn't have charisma 12 or higher :/. I played couple hour's, and I completed his quest with kidnapping(very interesting :D). I check my romance value: CLUAConsole:GetGlobal("m#amberRomanceActive","GLOBAL") and I have 3. I change my charisma in SK to 14 and set this romance value to 1, but when I load romance value is still 3. I think that I must change other value but I don't know which. Can you help me?

PS I'm sorry for my English :)

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I'm afraid that you can't use the multiromance script with Amber. The romance will end automaticly when another romance gets serious. In general the multiromanc script is usefull only if you wish to romance more than one of the bioware NPC. Furthermore your PC charisma should be 12 or higher before you load a game with Amber installed. The good news is that she's got a friendship track that will trigger after you've completed the Underdark. :) I recommned that you try it out and save the romance for another game.

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Guest Guest_scott3614a_*

I started a new game with a fighter/cleric dualclass; he had 11 int and 11 chr. Before I rescued Viccy, I SK his stats to 12 int and 12 chr, so he met the minimum stat requirements for the Amber romance before-hand. Will the romance start, or did I have to start the game with the 12/12?

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