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Need Help Tweaking Bioware NPC Sounds

Guest Bugrat

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Hello, I have a small hopefully simple request to ask from the brilliant, clever people here.


I'm looking for a way to edit the soundset of Bioware NPC's. Specifically, I want to change Valygar's soundset so he doesn't make a comment every time he stealths. I have him on the scouting AI script and I'm getting really tired of hearing him talk every 10 seconds.


I poked around in my BG2 folder hoping there were WAV files or something I could go and delete in override or data but I'm hopelessly incompetent.


Thanks in advance, I use pretty much every mod hosted by this site, you guys are AWESOME!

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Worked like a charm, cheers Gort.


You can also remove the strref from the valygar .cre

Well, destroying the .wav is more foolproof, because of the saved games.


Didn't I mention I was incompetent in the first post? :)

Foolproof is definitely the way to go.

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