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Yes! Yes!

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We and I are done, done with our vampire mod. Even though we should have had it done on October 31st like we wished it. :)


We are just waiting for someone to unhide her hidden forum, making it public so y'all can go download it and stuff.



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*shakes head* I seriously misinterpreted the title of this thread... and found something better inside it. :)


Great to hear, Gabby. And yes, awesome work. :)

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Thanks but it may be premature. Stupid me can't ever get anything right. As reported in her bug thread at her forums by me.


Silly me didn't have the same global name in her script file that is in her dialog file. DUH!


But there is something else, not game killing or anything. When you force talk a npc her dialog is not coming up. This dialog is uppose to have commands like go look for traps, go hide, go kill, etc. For some reason its not there. It shows up in her dialog file, I checked with NI.

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