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Gearing up for version 2


A question of timing  

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All the reported bugs are fixed. Now it's just expanding the friendship track a bit.


But there is one component that I'm reluctant to implement without player feedback.


Currently, the flirts and the romance operate on completely independant timers, and it's possible to get several different kinds of flirts and lovetalks back to back. It's easy for me to add a timer to space them out, but that might delay lovetalks for those using shorter timers. For that reason, I can't really space them further apart than 15 minutes, or that will affect the lovetalk timer.


So, two questions.


1 Would you like the flirts and lovetalks spaced out more, and if so, what would be the minimum time between them?


2 What romance speed do you use?

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I should probably point out that players who use longer romance times, 45 minutes and above, won't see much of a difference with 10 minute spacing, if they notice it at all, but players who choose 15 minutes are likely to find that their lovetalks are now spaced 25 minutes apart.

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As it turns out, I'm going to have to release v 2 without the new content. In other words, just the bug fixes and the script that allows the player who's passed a certain lovetalk to skip some of the early friendship talks.


Gavin and the BG1 NPC Project use a lot of the same code for the cross-platform installation. There was an error in it for quite some time, but it was silently ignored until WeiDU 202 came out. Because of the error, it won't install using WeiDU 202.


All that means is that the bugfixed version, which will no longer be beta, will be released shortly, and the new content will come out in another version in a couple of months, once I've had a chance to test the new material.

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