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IWD crashing


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Howdy! I wonder how many of y'all remember me? I haven't been around since the BlackIsle forums went boom.


Anyhow, I have a serious problem with IWD crashing constantly. I have completely cleared it off my hard-drive, done a complete fresh re-install of IWD/HoW/TotL, installed the Tweaks (some, but not all of the optional stuff). The game instantly crashes to desktop as soon as I try to load any game saved after entering the orc camp, or hard-crashes the whole computer if I try to import ANY of the pre-gen characters.


Just to satisfy my own curiosity, I un-installed everything, ran each disk through a disk-cleaner/restorer and did a new fresh install of IWD/HoW/TotL, did NOT install Tweaks, increased my cache size, and experienced the exact same crashes. So I am certain its not Tweak causing my issues.....


Any idea what *is* causing the problems?



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What version of DaleTweaks are you using, and if you'd be so kind, would you post your WeiDU log?


There were three or four versions released in short order (most current is v7) because certain tweaks would crash the game...


I *only* used v7, but as I said it is not installed right now. I don't have a WeiDU log, because there are not any mods installed right now. Again, I am certain that it is NOT Tweaks causing the issues, because it is crashing all on its own without any mods installed and a fresh full install of nothing but IWD/HoW/TotL.



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