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Two typos


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BG1NPC: x#lp[123]rep.tra @42: adventureres


Thank you for reporting; I see it, too.


x#cosqu.tra line 73:


@73 = ~*Rashel's face lights up with pride.* The Song of the Morning is the name of our Temple, consecrated in the name of the Morning Lord, Lathander. We protect the good people of Beregost. The servants of the Morning Lord also tend temple fields of potatoes and herb flowers east of the road, and keep sheep on the slopes of the hill

topped by the ruined school of Ulcaster.~


I don't see the error - which one is it? (Full stop is correct, because it's

*Kiss Rachel* but

*Rachel kisses you.*)

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You might want to note down these two as well if you have not already squashed them:


X#miint.d /* Minsc Gnoll Stronghold */ begins 'Yes! This is the place! Onward, we must hurry! Minsc will not let Dynaheir suffer a moment more in this place!': can trigger just after you rescue Dynaheir, creating an inconsistency; may need HelpMinsc GlobalLT 2 check and compensate with the X#MinscStronghold variable somehow



x#pcinit.d: typo, in first reply, action trigger shuld have the variable %tutu_chapter_3% , not %tutu_chapter_4%.


IF ~~ DynaMapNoFlirt

SAY @1278

+ ~GlobalLT("Chapter","GLOBAL",%tutu_chapter_4%)~ + @1279 + NFMapR2Realm

+ ~Global("Chapter","GLOBAL",%tutu_chapter_3%)~ + @1279 + NFMapR2Bandits

+ ~Global("Chapter","GLOBAL",%tutu_chapter_4%)~ + @1279 + NFMapR2CW

+ ~GlobalGT("Chapter","GLOBAL",%tutu_chapter_4%)~ + @1279 + NFMapR2Baldur

+ ~RandomNum(3,1)~ + @1280 + NFMapR3.1

+ ~RandomNum(3,2)~ + @1281 + NFMapR3.2

+ ~RandomNum(3,3)~ + @1282 + MapR3.3


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Guest r0gershrubber

Another typo:


I'm not sure how to correctly document this, other than it is taken from a Dynaheir-Xan dialogue:


Xan: I have drunken wine at funerals of many people strong of spirit...


It should be have drunk if you want past participle. In either case, the phrase doesn't sound very elven to me.

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Actually, Roger the Shrubber is right in this case. It would look odd if you used any other tense for that. Though I don't know why exactly it doesn't "sound elven" (maybe because elves might not attend many funerals of their own kind - but certainly not because they don't drink wine :p).


Edit: Second opinion, if you need one.

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Either way, I am getting a recheck from Kulyok before correcting; thank you all for the reposrts and code notes - please keep them coming! Anything anyone can tease out of v14 that needs dusting off and polishing, now is a good time to get it going. We are aiming for a late December/Early January v15 release with minor corrections, so please get critical eyes on anything that you can (I will be out from the week before to the week after Dec 25, so early is good...)

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Guest r0gershrubber

Ajantis, after accepting the quest from Tiber to recover his brother from the spider cave in Cloakwood 2: "By Helm, <CharName>, if Chelak is really the unexperienced young man I imagine him to be..."


I think that should be inexperienced.

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Guest r0gershrubber

Unexperienced isn't in most dictionaries, it seems. I expect that it is an unconventional form that has been added to some unabridged dictionaries because it has become sufficiently common.


Another apprent typo:

Faldorn, when asked for advice in the Cloakwood: "Grr! Destroy the Cloackwood Mine! Then burn Gullykin."


I suspect this should be Cloakwood, although I wonder if someone will disagree with me on that count as well!


Also: burn Gullykin? What does Faldorn have against the halflings?

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