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Audacity mass recoding: 44100 to 22050


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I've got well over a hundred lines I have to recode from 44100hz to 22050hz. I don't want to do it line by line(tried it with Xan, and I thought I'd go crazy), so if there's a feature of Audacity/another program I'm not aware of, please, tell me how to do it - I'm really at a loss here.

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If you have a mac, linux or windows+cygwin bash command line handy: install sox and use that.


for file in `ls orig*.wav`; do
 sox $file -r 22050 $file.new.wav;


... if your files are all named origSOMETHING.wav, of course. Adjust to taste.

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Guest Isaac the unbearable

Audacity does indeed have a batch mode and I LOVE it. I have 2,480 (and counting....... I haven't thrown the latest batch of new CDs in yet) tracks, archived as FLAC. I can set up a chain to open a track, amplify by a couple of decibels, maybe add a touch of reverb, boost the bass a bit, and export as mp3. Then I apply it to the whole lot of tracks and go to work. Audacity plugs away at it, I come home from work, I load the resultant tracks to my digital player and I'm a happy camper. :p

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Guest Isaac the unbearable

Oh yeah, back to the question at hand. Sorry, got sidetracked by the need to expostulate about how great Audacity's batch mode is. :p



For you Kulyok, the best thing would probably be dBpowerAMP. It's a format converter that specializes in batch lots. You can use the file selector mode (there will be a shortcut in your start menu labeled file selector) to select a whole folder full of subfolders of tracks. Be sure to tick in the box marked "keep file path" to have the program reconstruct the folder setup in the output. Otherwise it will put all the files in one big honkin folder (which can also be useful.)


You can set it to convert to any format, from multiple formats. Say I have three wav files (44100hz), two wma files (192kbps) and five ogg files (112kbps) and I want to convert them all to wav 22050hz. I just dump in all the files, specify output at wav 22050hz, tell it where to send the files it makes and let it go.


Be sure to get the OLD version though. The new version doesn't have as many options without paying, and it's a bit slower than the old version.


Get the old version here: http://filehippo.com/download_dbpoweramp_m...converter/?2072

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