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Looking for even more editing/proof-reading help!

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Heya, folks! This time it's small file with all the characters' descriptions (I started placing the creatures into the area and it occured to me that I only have a darft!) and a small dialogue with a statue of Bhaal.

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Thank you, much appreciated!


Luckily, there is not so much writing left. Alianna's twisted dialogues; the main romantic scene for all three romances; three comic encounters and the Outcomes. Wow, I might just start to see the light....

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Oh, thank you! I've sent Alianna's file to ycfluite, but it should only take me a couple of days to pull together a couple more short files, like soundsets and the one or two small encounters texts. :)

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Heya, all I have left is a dubious dialogue about doing horrid things to corpses. I am not certain as of yet if it goes into this mod. If you don't mind working on something gruesome that might not end up used, I can send it over.


The rest of the files are being edited by the folks, but if I can't get back some of them by the time I need them, I will be posting for help again. :suspect:


I am in this really, really weird state, when I write snippets for 2 'next' mods I am trying to chose between, so that doesn't require editing so far.

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