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Looking for even more editing/proof-reading help!

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I'd be more than happy to edit. (I happen to enjoy that sort of thing.)


To partially explain my interest: I was drawn to D&D after reading "Dragons of Autumn Twilight" in middle school. My introduction to computer RPGs was "Planescape: Torment," which is still my favorite game. What I enjoy about the role-playing experience is that---at best---it's just about telling a story. These stories are also highly imaginative and speak to things "beyond what we know," but, in doing so, they force us to re-imagine what is possible for our own lives. I don't mean to go on any tangents, but that is my...philosophic stance on fantasy.


My background is in writing, editing, and proof-reading. If these are things that you have a need for, just let me know. I'd be happy to work with you.



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Thanks, folks, so there are two of you then? Sorry, I got completely mired in the RL this week :suspect: I sent out the files that have not been looked at yet, and thank you so much for helping out!

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Hi, folks, since I added the store for Mother Keys, I will need a few more lines proof-read before I voice them. Could someone take a quick look? It's about half a page.

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Thanks, I PM'd you. We had a bit of troubles in the past with the new users (yay! first post!) so if you didn't get it, give me a shout, I'll go via e-mail.

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