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Bonehill Store Patching Issue


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Ran into a problem where BG2 Tweak Pack emptied the sell list for both Temple of Phaulkon and Temple of Osprem in Secret of Bonehill mod. From the BG2 Tweaks debug:

[./override/BERNARD6.STO] loaded, 2284 bytes

[./override/BERNPOTR.STO] loaded, 2704 bytes

[./override/BGSELL1B.STO] loaded, 1568 bytes

[./override/BH2010.STO] loaded, 1032 bytes

Copied [bHCLERI1.STO] to [override/BHCLERI1.STO]

Copied [bHCLERIC.STO] to [override/BHCLERIC.STO]

[./override/BHGILMI.STO] loaded, 1180 bytes

[./override/BHKRAK.STO] loaded, 1764 bytes

[./override/BHPELLTR.STO] loaded, 1420 bytes

[./override/BHPERK.STO] loaded, 1792 bytes

[./override/BHST0102.STO] loaded, 1172 bytes


Deleting the files from my override resolved the issue.

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