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Dynaheir LT 16

Guest Yuri

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Ok, I went into Gullykin area when ribbon's lovetalk triggered. I made my choice (maybe wrong). I understand that LT 16 will trigger in city so after finishing Lil'caster I went to Beregost. But nothing did'nt happened. I was in every possible City, even tried to go Baldur's Gate but I'm not finished bandit Quest, so they did'nt let me in. When I read forum topics I understand that LT 16 has something to do with some guy named Winsky or something. Maybe the problem is that Winsky did'nt appeared?

Thank you and sorry about my poor english!

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The next LT after ribbon encounter should trigger an hour(or whatever your lovetalk timer is) after this encounter; anywhere, as long as your reputation is high and your romance is active(see if your flirts menu is up when you click Dynaheir). It's not quest-related.

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I Left my game paused for four hour after ribbon encounter. My romance Timer is short - only 15 min. but nothing doesn't happened.Absolutely nothing. My REP is heroic (20) and I can flirt with Dynaheir freely, so my romance is active.

What is wrong, guys?

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OK, I never used Console before, so I did my homework - you know, Baldur.ini Fail Debug Mode=1, Cheats=1, save, open saved game, CTR+SPACE. But damned Console did not worked. I even Tried CTRL+TAB. Nothing. I Checked everything Carefully. There Are Three Games In my Computer: Baldur Gate, Baldur Gate Tutu, BG2 -SoA. I put Console every game ini file, put it did not worked anywhere.

So my answer is - no, I can't use The Console.

Secondly, I read this forum about same problems and noticed that some people used Shadowkeeper. It was confusing, because Shadowkeeper works only with SoA and ToB. But I have used SK before so I installed it to my TuTu directory (it is also in my SoA Directory). And as I was afraid - SK did not find any Saved games in my Tutu directory, but worked fine in my SoA directory.

So, Kulyok, you seemed to care about my problem - what else I can do?

I played once Amber Mod and had same problem, so the Mod Author - Meira allowed to sent her my saved game. She checked it and said what was problem.

Can we do same thing?

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Please don't attempt to substitute Shadowkeeper for the console.


To make the console work, you shouldn't put in Fail Debug Mode=1. Add these two lines right after Program Options, with exactly this capitalization and spacing:


Debug Mode=1


And that should work.


After that, to use the console, you hold down CTRL and SPACE at the same time. You will see a little blank rectangle appear at the very bottom of the screen with nothing in it. You would type in the following exactly as I have typed it, with the same capitalization and lack of spacing:




And then type in whatever you want to do with it.

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Thank you, thank you, Berelinde!

I wrote it to the bottom, not on top!

I'm a big oaf.

OK , here is my variables


Global:X#DYLOVETALK GLOBAL set to 30


It's bad, it's very bad, right?

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It's okay. It's possible we have a glitch somewhere, though.


To continue playing, set this variable manually to 31.


If you would, please, answer these questions:

1) Which version of BG1 NPC are you using? (the mod's readme has it)

2) Did you have the ribbon encounter - that is, you met a woman called Setta, right? (You said this already, but just in case).

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It must be last version.

BG1 Npc Version 14 for Tutu andBGT, September 18,2007 for BGT, downloaded from G# Mirror

2. Yes, Ihad Ribbon Encounter, it was my last LT.

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A mystery.


From what I see, it's set very clearly that this variable should go to 31 during Setta's dialogue. It doesn't.


Sigh. Okay, I can only repeat my advice to you: set it to 31, please.



Now, as for the solution for our problem:

We currently have


DO ~RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",DYROM_TIMER) SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",31)~


And it really, really, really should work in a 'regular' case. (And, no, the variable doesn't get set back to 30, I checked).


What can we do?


I think it might have to do with the structure of this CHAIN: if you look, all the following states depend on the presence of certain NPCs. When I was doing my tests, for example, Minsc or Khalid were not in party(this was why I so wanted more testers, but, alas, we didn't catch that).


Anyway: I propose shifting the variable change/timer setting here:


IF ~InParty("minsc") InMyArea("minsc") !StateCheck("minsc",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN EXTERN ~%DYNAHEIR_JOINED%~ DYRO14.1M




IF ~InParty("minsc") InMyArea("minsc") !StateCheck("minsc",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN DO ~RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",DYROM_TIMER) SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",31)~ EXTERN ~%DYNAHEIR_JOINED%~ DYRO14.1M
IF ~!InParty("minsc")~ THEN DO ~RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",DYROM_TIMER) SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",31)~ EXTERN ~%DYNAHEIR_JOINED%~ DYRO14.1


This *should* solve the problem. I hope.


(Dear me, with Branwen romance currently screwed, Dynaheir's romance stumbling and Shar-Teel's mysteriously not wanting to make her sarcastic remarks at rest, it seems like PC's choices are severely limited... :p )

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As per Jastey's research, we are trying to make sure all the RSGT actions are after the SetGlobals, as she found in some instances that RSGT became a terminal action, stopping stuff that wasn't set into an ActionOverride, and thus pulled out of the queue.


So, safest to recode it with a variation of kulyok's code, and see if that fixes it.


IF ~InParty("minsc") InMyArea("minsc") !StateCheck("minsc",CD_STATE_NOTVALID)~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",31) RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",DYROM_TIMER)~ EXTERN ~%DYNAHEIR_JOINED%~ DYRO14.1M
IF ~!InParty("minsc")~ THEN DO ~SetGlobal("X#DYLoveTalk","GLOBAL",31) RealSetGlobalTimer("X#DYLoveTalkTime","GLOBAL",DYROM_TIMER)~ EXTERN ~%DYNAHEIR_JOINED%~ DYRO14.1


As for the testing, well, it was tested, and this one I playtested myself in-game and it worked perfectly, but to capture all of the potential combinations and machines (or even to attempt to do so) is of course impossible. We can boast the largest and most sustained testing and rechecking effort in any IE Community for any mod, and even then will still not have covered all the bases :p So, we do what we can, with what we've got, right now (Earnest Thompson Seaton). Don't we all wish there were more testers for everything?


When Kulyok has finished her full playtest and review of code, I am sure that I can integrate her changes to stop the "Branwen romance currently screwed, Dynaheir's romance stumbling and Shar-Teel's mysteriously not wanting to make her sarcastic remarks at rest" difficulties, and allow PCs to have more choices for a full and happy runthrough. I promise I won't even react negatively to comments about needing more testers (when we had multiples of them on two platforms, and some of them were top notch modders), or how I am in need of execution for variables matching and recombination on a tens of thousands of lines of code project. After all, I am very happy to see good results and happy users appreciating the mod!


I'm off to read more about Morrowind modding; will check in on progress here tomorrow.

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