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Installing Trials of the Luremaster after IWD Tweak is installed

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I installed the IWD Tweak after I installed IWD+HoW, but now I want TotL as well.


Must I re-install the Tweak afterwards and go through everything, or should I backup something first or what?

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Why should I uninstalled it before I installed Trials?

As Jarno said, the short answer is to avoid bugs. I believe the things added by the tweaks are referred to dialogue strings within the game. If these are changed, but the things that made reference to them are still there, you're gonna have problems. Not necessarily MAJOR issues, but it could still happen. Better be on the safe side, don't you think?


If you haven't finished your game yet, finish it first and do the uninstalling-installing process afterwards. Having TotL will be an incentive to replay the game (although I didn't find it to be very good).


For future references, check this out if you haven't already.

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