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A mod for Gambling?


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I was reading the Wheel of Time, and came across Mat Cauthon's love of dice. Got me wondering as to why we can't have a gambling mod in BG2 - not necessarily with non-joinable NPCs, but intra-party.


Add some drinks and banter, and we'd have even more fun :cool: If you're in a romance with an NPC and you lose/NPC loses, there'd be a lot of taunting done. Immy would clean up :D , and imagine Ano/Edwin having to shell out their hard-earned money. :p


A sort of bonding experience, eh?


What's more, this sort of thing is easily implemented in the D&D engine. A game of dice, for example, is just a 1d6 weapon away :p You could even have card games.


Wonder if anybody's upto it?

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You wouldn't notice much difference with interparty gambling as your money is pooled anyhow.


That's a good point. Maybe an item that 'stored' money, like a bag of money could be used that stored the gambling 'pool' for each character, so to speak. And even if that was not done, I think it could be assumed for the period of the gambling dialogue that each player gets some money from the pool. Maybe penalties could be added dialogue-wise, instead of money penalties - the loser would have to do something the winner wanted. :p

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