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CTDs going to Copper Coronet sewers


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The CTDs occur at the conclusion of area loading, which is probably important. This is my mod loading order:


RTT Item Pack

G3 BG2 Fixpack

COM Food and Herbal mod

Bag Bonus


Boards-O-Magick Item Pack

The Magnificent Magic Store?

Item Upgrade

Banter Packs

Underrepresented items

Improved Horns of Valhalla


COM Encounters



G3 Anniversary Mod

Unfinished Business

The Longer Road

Tower of Deception

Dungeon Crawl

Quest Pack 2.3



Selune's Armoury


Rupert the Dye Merchant

Romantic Encounters

Flirt Packs

Ashes of Embers

Divine Remix

G3 BG2 Tweakpack


My party consists of my cleric, Minsc, Korgan, Jaheira, Jan, and Kelsey. I'm fully patched, and it was the first thing I did after the game installation.


It's very early in the game, so I don't know if any other areas are affected. Thus far, I've only hit the slums and government district, as well as a few stores. Once, inside the Copper Coronet, Jaheira started on some of her early-game musings, and matters froze. No problems when I reloaded and she mused outside the CC, however.


Any ideas what could be causing this? I'm willing to do a complete uninstall/reinstall and keep my saved game, if that what's required--even start a new one, but only if I can get this straightened out. In advance, thanks.

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