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[Release/Patch] Enable conversations with charmed/dominated creatures


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Enable conversations with charmed/dominated creatures



This EXE patch allows the player to speak to creatures that are under the effect of the charm creature opcode (used by charm, dire charm, and domination spells and abilities) in Baldur's Gate II. The normal behaviour in Baldur's Gate II is that talking to charmed creatures would be suppressed, and a string displayed in the text area reading "A mind controlled creature cannot speak to you." This behaviour is hard-coded into the BGMain.exe, with the relevant code shown below.


Conversing with charmed NPCs was a specific feature in Baldur's Gate I, since BioWare created dialogue that was uttered only when an NPC was spoken to when charmed. In Baldur's Gate II, this feature appears to have been disabled by the developers deliberately. The immediate ramification to this is that playing Baldur's Gate I using the Baldur's Gate II engine, as occurs in the case of using the modifications BG1Tutu, EasyTutu, and BGT-WeiDU, prevents the realisation of all dialogue uttered specifically by charmed creatures.


This EXE patch was created to remove the suppression of dialogue on charmed creatures, allowing charmed creature dialogues to occur in BG1Tutu, EasyTutu, and BGT-WeiDU. Additionally, this patch may open new possibilities for other Baldur's Gate II modifications.


The patch is installed through WeiDU, facilitating easy uninstallation and restoration of a backup copy in the case that glitches occur.


Installation Instructions

Extract 'A6CharmPatch_v1.rar' to your Baldur's Gate II installation directory.

Run the file 'Setup-A6CharmPatch.exe' that was created in the directory you nominated for extraction above.

Follow the on-screen prompts.

If the installation reports "Patched BGMain.exe at address <some number>", then BGMain.exe was patched successfully.

If the installation reports that "No patches made to BGMain.exe.", no changes were made to BGMain.exe. Please report it if this occurs, and give details as to your Baldur's Gate II version, distribution, and locale.


To uninstall this patch, run the file 'Setup-A6CharmPatch.exe' again, and follow the on-screen prompts.



USE THIS EXE PATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. The author is not responsible for any damage to your game, computer, or livelihood that may be caused by this patch.


This EXE patch has been tested to function correctly and without increasing the frequency of crash-to-desktops, but only on a limited number of differing BGMain.exe executables. Hence, it is not guaranteed that the patch will work correctly on your specific Baldur's Gate II version, distribution, and/or locale. If you find that this is the case, please report that the patch did not work or produced problems and give details as to your Baldur's Gate II version, distribution, and locale, so that the matter can be investigated.



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Ah, would that finally open up the ability to talk to that guy in the d'Arnise keep (the one with the acid head of the Flail of Ages). According to the Strategy Guide you can charm/dominate him and thus break out of the control of (presumably) one of the yuan-ti mages. He then gives the flail head of his own free will and you get more EXP than by purely killing him.


I tried it over and over but there is just no way to talk to him after being charmed and so the only option you have is to kill him.

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I had a whole mess of charmed dialogues written for Gavin, and was very disappointed that they would never ever run. Now I can integrate them for players who use the patch.





Edit: Quick question. Does it matter where in the installation order this patch goes? Can it be used on an in-progress game?

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