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Human Archer/Cleric dual-class

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I have a suggestion for tweak pack.


Wouldn't it be nice to have your dual-classed Archer/Cleric actually use

his bow according to his kit, instead of restricting him of that ability due

to his cleric class?

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Available when installing Universal Weapons from Ashes of Embers. Unless you absolutely want a tweak that keeps all existing restrictions and removes only the one for bows for all Ranger/Clerics (it can't be made to allow only Archer->Clerics but not other multi and duals). In which case, the best solution is to do as Weimer says: "we're not the police, so control yourself".

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Level 1 NPCs should do this too, in a less free-for-all of a way than Ashes (in the optional component "Tweak the weapon proficiency rules").


[Edit: And if we had a GUI with checkboxes for the mod installer, we could offer even more choices, but alas, spamming the command window isn't cool.]

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