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Outline and draft for a new encounter


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Hi all,


I've written, outlined and even written a few dialogue's for a new romantic encouter with a shieldmaiden of Helm for neutral or evil PC's. I do think this encouter could also be converted to an encouter for good lesbian PC's.


I've posted the draft here: My public box


The file is called: Outline for an Romantic Encouter


It's just your basic Word document.


There's a catch however. English isn't my native language, and apart from spell-checking I will need people to help me write and check for styling-errors. I could of course write the entire thing myself but it still would be translated english instead of fluent english. That's the primary reason I need a writer. Plus, I really cannot code.


So I was wondering if there were people who wanted to help me out? I should point out that this is well, an adult romantic encouter.


Thanks very much in advance!

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Best of luck with your encounter - I wish you well both with writing and coding. If or when you've got it ready - please, contact us(or, rather, me, since I do the incorporating stuff).


I think it might be worth mentioning: the path you describe has a hidden danger of "pushing" emotions into PC's head - describing emotions and desires not _every_ PC would feel.


That is, PC may well notice the young girl's sexuality, and if he's going to have all these dialogue options, it's great, as long as there's always a choice: to admire her, to touch certain parts of her, just to talk to her calmly, or... to look away.

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