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Question about Area Dialogue

Hide and Seek

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Does Sarah has any special talks that just will occur in forests? Right now, we've just trashed the Mind Flayers in the Sewers, and she made a comment about the sky, I believe. And the forest.


(anyway, I like this mod. First, I thought it was a little rushed, but at the time with the first kiss.. now there's masterful writing!)

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There are a few that will only happen if you are in a forest. If she's made a comment regarding how beautiful the forest is while in the sewers, that could be a bug/coding mishap.


Thank you for the compliment!



I noticed. Sigh, Sarah and my PC in a tent near a lake in Umar Hills. :D

The mod works fine enough, even if Sarah comments about the sky while in a cave.


Another thing that I noticed is that even after 'rejecting' Sarahs advances, it's still possible to flirt with her? (as a test of course, I wouldn't reject her) Don't know about the romance.

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