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What is your "COOL!" party size?



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IMHO six to me is the ideal size - I feel that any more would make the game too unwieldy. More like a pausable realtime strategy game , like the single player hero-led missions in Warcraft, than a role-playing game. I'm talking BG2 here, not NWN. Though I guess it's more of a matter of taste. Some people treat NPCs as a plague and want all the virtual glory to themselves :p


I can see why 6+ would be fun though. The battles would be epic, for one. And the banter they would have would drown you out :p . I think in that case, the Charisma the protagonist had would play a part - an average 9 CHR <CHARNAME> would be hard put to controlling all of these guys.

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I voted 6+, though I really mean 5-6 party members with 1 or 2 slots for floating/temporary party members. For some games, such as Final Fantasy X, their party member system of 3 active party members, but having access to your entire team of 7 for most battles that can be switched in and out mid fight so long as at least one party member is still alive and the switch costing 1 turn's action worked well.


Its worthwhile to note that Final Fantasy X had an effective out of party size of 7, since the whole mob of you moved around as a group. In combat you were a little more restricted. In fact, having your entire party available for plot and dialogue out of combat is fairly common in most console jRPGs, they are just a bit more restricted in combat. I've seen several games where you have a party/group of 7-10 people even though you might only be limited to 6 or so selectable for combat, and only able to use 3 at a time in combat.

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Well, 'solo' pretty much includes the game without NPCs, and 6+ - flexible upper limit. As for game mechaniques - you simply don't know. This is purely about what concept of a party size gets your immediate interest/love etc.

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