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SHS: Cuv's Animations Mod: Part 1 - Ghosts


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Spellhold Studios


Over the past few months, Cuv has been working on a mod which he - and many others - hopes will help to fix the problem with filled animation slots! What it does is adds 9 creature animations to a single IWD style slot thus freeing up 3 previously occupied slots. It also incorporates 3 new animations that Cuv has recently converted from PST, and 2 animations converted by Worm from NWN all into one neat package.


All of the animations in this package use the same death animation, which is why so many animations can be placed in the same slot.


This mod is intended to give modders more flexibility in their modding endeavors. This is the first installment, hopefully there will be plenty more!


Also check out many of the other animations Cuv has ported from PS:T! For any modder interested in using animations from games other than BGII, this is a great resource to take a look at and use!


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