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Checks for active romance - Question


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In Ajantis BGII mod, there will be two types of romance paths: The engaged romance assumes the PC and Ajantis are engegd at the beginning of BGII, the new beginnings romance will start new in BGII.


Obviously, the engaged romance will have AjantisRomanceActive = 2,

the new beginnings romance will have AjantisRomanceActive = 1 until it gets committed. If either of them died, RA will be at three. If no romance is active, RA will be at 0.


I have seen it several times, that checks for active romance included the RomanceMatch variable (i.e., is the PC a valid romance interest).

What is the advantage of including the RomanceMatch? Is there any reason why the mere triggering via "RomanceActive" variable (0,1,2,3) wouldn't be enough?


I am asking because my RomanceMatch conditions for the engaged romance is more restrictive than the BGII RomanceMatch; i.e. the former is part of the latter (for new beginnings match the engaged path match will always be 1, but not the other way round).


I got headaches over coding all eventualities including the different RomanceMatches, since they are overlapping there is no easy way of determining the one or negating the other.


What problems would I have to face if merely using the RomanceActive variable for triggering romance-related (or not) events?

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The main reason I see why someone would want to include a romance match in the checks would be to snare players who tried to bypass the romance restrictions by setting the RA manually.


For example: Ajantis does not allow romances with chaotic neutral characters. Peony, from IWD2 NPC is chaotic neutral. Suppose somebody wanted to use Peony as a model for a PC that might want Ajantis. If the romance checks included a romance match check, the romance events wouldn't happen, but if there were no romance match checks, a player who manually set RA=1 or RA=2 would still be able to play the romance.


After that, it's up to you, whether you favor player convenience or providing a truly (and possibly excessively) immersive mod.

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People cheating is something I can't prevent anyway, if they want to play the romance with a non-matching PC I guess it will be no hinderance to set the match variable manually, too. I assume one reason to include it would be to prevent some weirdo things with RA accidentally set to 1 for a male PC or something like that.


Still, if that's the only reason, I think I will skip it as it makes live *so* much easier.

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Yeah, I know what you mean. I went to a great deal of trouble in Gavin for BG1 to circumvent cheating, and I begin to think it might have been better to just let folks do what they wanted. It would have saved me a lot of work, would have given players who did attempt to manipulate the romance via the console a chance to do so without screwing it up, and would have made it a bit easier to bugfix.


Gavin for BG2 will definitely be more "cheater friendly."

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