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Editing Character Names in-game

Guest Ark

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I'm looking for a way to change the names of characters in a single-player SoA/ToB game after it has begun. I've tried Shadow Keeper and the Infinity Engine Savegame Editor, to no avail -- the characters show up as nameless in the game.


Here's the long story:


I was looking for a way to play a game with multiple self-created characters, in single player mode. Lags when pausing/unpausing, cumbersome load process, and other issues made me hate playing in multi-player mode -- so I wanted a way to play in single-player mode with characters of my own creation, without extensive modding. The solution was to create a party in multi-player, open the savegame in Shadow Keeper, and use Tools-->Convert to CRE to create "Creature" files for each character. Then I started a new single-player game, used the "CLUAConsole:CreateCreature" cheat to summon these characters, and voila, they talk to you and will join your party.


So far, great. The ONLY problem is that the names of the characters do not come along for the ride. Each of these characters is completely nameless, and I've found no way to attach a name once the character is spawned into my single player game in this fashion.


This is minor, as it does not limit gameplay in any way -- but it limits immersion, and I'd really like a fix if anyone has one.


Thanks much for any insight.

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If you just copy a savegame from the 'mpsave' directory to the 'save' directory in your BG2 folder, you'll save yourself a lot of trouble.


Perfect -- done, thank you. :)

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