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can not save .cre

Guest Ail

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Hi all,


I've been trying to change the xp a given monster gives in the game. For that, I open the respective cre file, which is in my override folder, with DLTCEP and simply put a new value in the xp field. But when I try to save, be it as Save Creature or Save Creature As, it always says I've opened the file as read-only and cannot save it. I've checked the files in Explorer and they're not read only, and I don't see any option in DLTCEP to choose between read only or not, so I'm baffled with this. The same happens if I click New Creature and Save Creature As immediately afterwards.


What should I do?


Thanks all.



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Initially DLTCEP runs in read only mode to avoid newbies screwing their game.

You can change the mode in the setup or main menu if you think you know what you are doing.

Oh, ok. I do am a newbie, though, so I'll just change this field this time. As long as I am working on the override directory there shouldn't be too many problems, should there?



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