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reforming party through dialogue

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Hi all,


since I'm just beginning to post on the forums, let me say a bit about myself before asking my question. I've been a BG player for some years until I four years ago, when I had to stop due to real life. But I bought a DVD compilation last christmas and decided to begin playing anew. At that time, I also found the modding community and so I decided I'd start a game from scracth under a mega-installation with BP-BGT.


So, here I am now, having transitioned to BG2 and made a few quests already of chapter 2. I know next to nothing about modding, but I've installed NI, IE and DLTCEP and slowly I'm picking a few things. My reason for this is that for several times I've had to ask question in forums (mainly spellhold studios) for things that were working less well and gradually I've began to read smaller scripts and finding a few things here and there.


I know this is a long introduction so I'll go now directly to my problem. Since the game transitioned to BG2, I've had problems in reforming the party. It worked without problems in BG1 and since I have installed BG1NPC I could send NPCs to wait at the Friendly Arm. I wanted to do the same with Copper Coronet now, but no NPC will ever react to being kicked out of the party. Whether it is by accepting a new party member or by simply 'reforming party' and taking them out, they simply stand there. What's worse, they won't respond to me afterwards, ever again, so I am not able to ask them to join me back.

My game began as multi-player but following a hint in Dan Simpson's faq, I put the saved game in the other folder and now I play as single player with an extra NPC created by myself. The behaviour described above, however, happened already before I made this change, still in Irenicus's dungeon.

Curiously, I can take this NPC in and out of the party without problems, always being able to send her to the Coronet and talking to her again.


I've kind of despaired of correcting this. I have no idea what's wrong or how I can call the NPCs back into service. I thought I could set their dialogue file via CLUAConsole, but I couldn't do that. I also looked for a way to force an NPC to begin a given dialogue through the Console, but I see nowhere if that can be done. I'm down to a last alternative, but I don't know how to do it, and perhaps you could help me. I thought that perhaps I could code an extension to the dialogue of an NPC I want to remove, where the protagonist would begin the dialogue and one hipothesis would lead to the NPCs leaving dialogue. Can this be done? Is it hard? How could I do it, if possible?


Thank you all, and sorry for the long post. Please, do help me, if you can.



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That's not the normal behaviour of NPCs. Sounds like a problem with their dialogue scripts. It's probably caused by one of the Mods you have.


That's about as much help as I can give at this point >_<


Thank you for the answer. Yes, I'm aware that must be because of some mod, but I can not make any changes to my installation at the point I am in the game. So, I was trying to look for a work-around, something I might be able to do to correct things. Thus the idea of coding a dialogue with the purpose of kicking NPCs. Since BG1NPC has dialogues initiated by the player, I thought the same technique could be used to start a kicking-out dialogue.



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A workaround for a game in progress would probably be to CTRL+Y the NPCs with the CLUAConsole and then spawn them again. Though if this is also controlled by a variable, you might have to reset that too.


If you wanted to try to code some (additional) dialogue related to this, it'd probably take some work. Look at BG1NPC's x#npcwait.d, which is fairly complex, or SCS's depart.d, which is somewhat simpler.

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