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I got Mages into the party, and they are much less useful, since they have no spells memorised now. Is there some way to get them to use the rest() script command after you complete the level up? Then, you could level up, switch to the proper spell type, select the spells you want them to have, and bang - they would be memorised, as if the character wasn't a complete doofus.

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They'll have either one or two spells memorized in the next version, as a sop for Tutu speedrunners.


I can throw an ActionOverride(Rest(.... into a script somewhere, but waiting to fire that block until the player has selected what spells they'd like to memorize is a bit beyond IE scripting.

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You could always put a timer on it, say 5 minutes, to choose spells, but that has issues, too. You'd get all kinds of players forgetting to make those choices, and then wondering why the feature didn't work. Anyway, I'd rather have no memorized spells than have to deselect the ones I don't want and pick the ones I do.

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I think I would be ok personally with the NPCs having one or two spells memorized just in case you got into a bind, then picking the remainder manually and having to camp or visit an inn. The idea of forcing a rest makes me a bit uneasy.

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I remember in PnP games that I played in, beginning mages were forced to have Identify as the first spell in their spellbook. Oh my, the power!


I put my vote in for the '1 or 2 spells' camp. You can't please all the players all of the time, and so forth.

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Or you could go with the mages specialization school spell selection, so an Abjurer has one spell preselected from Adjuration school, for every spell level(1-9). And so the memoration could go with the one spell to all the avaliable slots.


The difference comes with only the Wild Mage, and the none specialized mage. The Wild takes obviously his spells at level 1,2 and 7. And the normal mage gets a wide variaty of selected spells. Which? Don't ask me, but for example, Level 1, Magic Missile. Level 2, Mirror Image. Level 3, Hold Person. Level 4, Stoneskin. Level 5, Breach. Level 6, Improved Haste. Level 7, Limited Wish. Level 8, Abi-Dalzim's Horrid Wilting. And level 9, Meteor Swarm. Or what ever...


But this how, every wizard could have at least one spell per level, Illusionists would have most illusion spells, Necromancers would have most necromantic spells... Sorcerers don't need any as they get theirs on level ups, exept the first!!!!

And Wild mages would have 1,2 and 7 their own, and 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9th level spell the same as the general mage. Or maybe just the 3, 4, 5 and 6th as the first level spell coud cast 9th level spells from the start and that's not ideal thing.


And if there is no special spell on the level, the spell is taken from the general list, unless it's not from an opposition school(which it should never be)!

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huh - I got munchy and gave a paladin Iron skins and heal with shadowkeeper, doesn't seem to cause any trouble.


Of course, I'm losing all the spells of a level sometimes on removing rings of wizardry and the metaspell influence amulet, which might be related.

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