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What's your preferred method for 'fixing' Carsomyr magic resistance?


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Following on from a conversation in the BG2 Fixpack forum back in September -

http://forums.gibberlings3.net/index.php?showtopic=11473 - I was wondering what people like when it comes to the magic resistance bonus granted by Carsomyr.


I personally don't like the inconsistent way the MR bonus works now, but think that maybe having 50% cumulative MR is a bit much. What about the Ding0's suggestion of having Carsomyr grant 10/15% cumulative MR? Would that be a more balanced way of doing things?


I'm interested to see what people who've played the game a lot think, since they should have a good grasp of what's balanced.

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It's not the hardest weapon to obtain in the game particularly. And it's available to the party fairly early on.


However it is only available to Paladins at that earliest point (unless your Thief somehow managed to reach epic levels before chapter 3). Still, when coupled with a certain Paladin kit, the 50% cumulative MR can make the Paladin a rather good mage-killer (although they wouldn't be as potent if enemy mages knew how to use the Lower Resistance spell).


I'd be tempted to keep the 50% cumulative MR actually because, although it's a pretty huge percentage, I don't think it will unbalance the game much.

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Raw magic resistance, as opposed to the elemental resitances, is fairly difficult to come by in terms of items (I can only think of one or two outside Carsomyr and at least one class of those items isn't paladin usable). I might be remembering wrong, but I don't see a larger cumulative magic resistance being all that unbalancing. Something in the realm of 25-30% might not be unreasonable, so that with Magic Resistance spells, you could get up to something good, but not achieve total invulnerability, even for a short time.

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Cumulative 50% MR is my choice (w/ Item Upgrade).


In 2E, a Holy Avenger sword also automatically dispels hostile magic in a 5-foot radius at the level of the paladin; a truly fearsome power, which is absent in the game. Furthermore, the 50%MR in P&P has a 5-foot radius effect, so that protection extends to party members, this is also absent in the game. Granting cumulative MR to offset these doesn't seem that much to me.

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