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The curse of wanting too many things.



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So, yep, I am still working on A Deathstalker, but once I finish writing for it, I will need to start on a new mod. So, I went through my stash of ideas, deleted all that I was not that interested in, and was left with these four. So, I started ranking them, and one thing I need to try to decide which one to do is the player interest. So, what's the most attractive to you guys? Thanks in advance if you decide to vote!


The Gnomish Adventure (no fancy title yet):

General Concept: In the gnome-only world you come from a formerly wealthy and very noble family that fled into exile. With new monarchs on the throne, the pardon was issued to the participants of the failed coup, but your parents will take no chances, and they sent you incognito to investigate if the pardon is a trap, if there are still enemies and friends at court, etc. I want very Duma and Rostan-like feel to the mod, with duels, intrigues, illusions and witty talk.

Size: Medium

Structure: Linear

Limitations: PC is a gnome

NPCs: 3 (PC’s sister and rival; body-servant; new ally in the city)


The Heir:

General Concept: You are the latest Prince/esse of Verej doing what the generations of your ancestors did before you – fighting the Lagodian Empire next door. Detailed history of the conflict is told in the mod and is important. Anyway, after all the fights, your character is wed by proxy to his or her rival on the battlefield – the heir to Lagoda. Upon arrival to the wedding feast it turns out that your spouse is missing, and you are accused of that mysterious disappearance. The story goes on from there and takes you through the mysterious locations and presents dilemmas of honor vs passion nature (well, optionally).

Size: Medium-Large

Structure: Semi-Linear with a couple of sections of optional sidequests.

Limittaions: PC is a human, planetouched or outsider

NPCs: 4, but writing like for 5, as 2 NPCs are gender-dependent. (Rowan, Karla, The Alchemist, Suliko.)

Notes: I’ve done a fair bit of the background writing for this world.


The Curse:

General Concept: Your mother was burned for a witch; your older brother, a child at the time, went mute with horror; your father shipped both of you to his childless sister in the Capital City and remarried. The Kingdom went through the throws of revolution, and during the most violent part of it, the mob attacked the butcher shop of your aunt’s. Your brother, Jean the Mute became infatuated with the crowd’s mood and goes along with it, while you had to fight for your life; your aunt and uncle flee into the catacombs under the city and out of the city eventually. Forced into the countryside, you can start discovering the world in turmoil, and magic within yourself. The sidequests have only one main theme – the civil struggle - and are unique to each area. In the middle of it all, you feel the stirring of a magic force within you. In the country turned upside down, you meet people you’d have never met before and they help you discover and command more and more magic (technically, you can level up as the sorcerer class, but only these meetings will unlock the next spell level for the protagonist).

Size: Large

Structure: Like BG1; You wander freely from area to area, that radiate (or near – radiate from the starting locale.)

Limitations: The only magic class allowed to PC is sorcerer. All other classes are weeded out if they have any magic involved, which leaves fighter, barbarian, monk and rogue (I think). Races: outsiders and planetouched.

NPCs: 6 (Gypsy twins, Jean the Mute, Madame Varienne, Knight-Monk, Arabic Prisoner of War)

Notes: I’d like to let PC to define his or her age as a ‘young’ or ‘mature’, and it will affect the conversations and romantic options.


The Chimeras:

General Concept: Bring IWD2 into NWN2 engine, reworking the story to allow multiple story-lines dependant on PC’s choices and 10 to 12 NPCs.

Size: Very Large

Structure: Branching. You will see a relatively different linear story, but they will diverge much, much more than in BG2 or NWN2.

NPCs: As per IWD2NPC project.

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Same here. With Heir, I'd buy a book if there was one. With Chimeras, I'd play IWD2 again, were they released for IWD2, but even if I had NWN2, I don't know if I'd play any standalone modules, since they're essentially small "new games" - total conversions. I'd rather have the original story made deep and rich and twisted.

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